Erik Bolinder

A world-leading professional speaker. Disrupting the Edtech Industry. Creating the Knowledge Network. Awarded Top 100 Leader in the World in Education. Serial entrepreneur. 

Online Education is his Expertise

Video Tuturial Guru

Erik Bolinder started as a Bestselling computer video tutorial author of all time in Sweden with over 250 million SEK revenue of his videos sold. 

He has been producing over 500 video tutorial productions and has established himself as an Industry Rockstar of EdTech globally. From Cairo to Lagos, Amman, Stockholm, Madrid, Chennai or San Francisco. 

In December 2019 Erik Bolinder was awarded Top 100 Leader in the World in Education by GFEL for his 3 decades hard work in the Online Education Industry. 

  • Erik Bolinder at GFEL Keynote speech in Dubai December 2019

The Knowledge Network

WOK- World of Knowledge

After 20 years of success in building a public company in B2B Erik Bolinder has turned Wikipedia into a game and a social network by the creation of the Knowledge Network WOK.

With the app WikiMaster, he has turned Wikipedia on the bridge to some new dimensions. 

In a World of free information and the mobile generations need for gaming, the playground for a disruptive force in the Edtech Industry has long been searched for.


Erik has a clear vision

Online School will be called WOK Academy
WikiMaster Nigeria Conference in Lagos

How will the school evolve in the future of technology? His team are building the Knowledge Network and his charity WOKworld Foundation to be an epicenter on a global scale in the World of Education and Edtech.

WOK is already today the Worlds largest and fastest growing database of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) connected to Wikipedia in English and Arabic. 

Erik Bolinder is a visualizing speaker and encourages the audience into actions. A half-day or a full Day event will be enough to boost and make the delegates enthusiastic for the rest of the year. (see a Swedish promo video)

Or book a Workshop in Video Presentation Skills , a craft Erik Bolinder is a professional teacher in helping you and your organization to bring you to the era of online video.

Industry Rockstar of EdTech !


  • $ 4000
    Half Day event
    The creation of the Knowledge Network
  • $ 4000
    Half Day event
    The Knowledge Network EdTech workshop
  • $ 3500
    90 min Session
    10 lessons for the disruptive World of Knowledge
  • $ 7000
    Full Day Event
    Encourage the Organization with Powerful Knowledge
  • $ 3000
    60 min session
    Turn your Company into a learning Organization with the Digital Tools for the 20s Decade
  • $6000
    2 Days Event

    Workshop Video Presentation Skills. Bring your and your team members pitch to master level in front of the camera in two intensive days that will take you to the era of Online Video

  • All revenues from speeches will be 100% distributed forward to the WOKworld Foundation.


Book Erik Bolinder as a Professional Speaker today. 
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Professional Workshops

Erik provides online tutorials and workshops for video presentations training. 


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